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Photo by Anvil Film Company

 Behind every ranch there is a story.  Our story started in 2011 when we went on our first date. I told Todd I dreamt of raising a family on a farm someday.  A year later, our first little farm was on 2 acres with a falling down house that we poured our hearts into.  We patched up the house, planted an orchard, and built a greenhouse with free materials off of craigslist.  We filled those 2 acres with as much livestock as we could and had the most beautiful and bountiful gardens we could ever imagine.  This first little farm is where we dreamt of someday creating a ranch wedding venue where other young couples could begin their journey of chasing down their dreams together.  Fast forward a decade, several more moves, including off-grid shack living, 4 pregnancies and 3 little ones later, some blood, loads of sweat, and maybe a few tears and here we are now.  Like most other ranchers we get up early to feed livestock, we shore up fencing, clean stalls, build barns, and collect wood to heat our home whether it’s pouring rain, windy, or snowing like crazy.  The floors of our house are often times covered in dirt, but thankfully our pantry and freezer is always full of food that we either raised and butchered ourselves, or grew with our now weathered and dirt-stained hands.  We feel so blessed that we get to be stewards of the land we live on now and can teach our 3 little ones the value in old-fashioned farm living.


We are the White Barn Ranch family.